Advnaced layer slider


Advanced Layer Slider For Shopware

The first ever RESPONSIVE LAYER SLIDER for Shopware with upto 5 layers.
Include a countdown timer on any slide.
User color or image for a slide and much more…

Its called ADVANCED for a reason

TheCodeBunny Slider with plenty of awesome features to
wow the viewers.

Countdown Timer

Custom Countdown Timer for each slide

Seasonal Effects

Select from 3 Different Spring, Autumn or Christmas (Globally for all slides in Slider settings or for individual slide in slide settings.)

Category Slider

Create a slider for category and select in category edit view in Shopware Backend.


Up to 5 layers (You can either select text, video or image as a layer) and customize them.


Slide In/Slide Out/Layer In/Layer Out Animations


Thumbnails with 3 different styles (shown on hover). Navigation Arrows (Select Icons from FontAwesome 5 Icons/Shopware Icons). Dots Navigation (Round or Circle).


What does it include along with above features?

Slider has many options to customize each slider and slide.

  • Link slide to anything you want.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Enable Navigation if needed.
  • Enable Thumbnails.
  • Video integration in slide.
  • Slide duration for all slides or individual slide.
  • Add Text/Image/Video as a layer.
  • Layer delay for appearance.
  • Enable Progress bar.


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