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    Advnaced layer slider

    Advanced Layer Slider For Shopware

    The first ever RESPONSIVE LAYER SLIDER for Shopware with upto 5 layers.
    Include a countdown timer on any slide.
    User color or image for a slide and much more…

    <div class="row ...
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    Google Maps Extended


    Multiple Location MarkersĀ 
    Add as many marker as you please…
    Custom Markers
    Choose your own marker symbols…
    Complete Map Control
    12 Different color themes, possibility to control map zoom, scroll wheel, Street view and much more…
    Shopping World Elements
    Add maps to Shopping world elements…
    Shop Pages and Forms
    Select map to show maps on shop page or a form like contact form…
    Custom Content for Marker Baloon
    Add your own …

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    Secondary Images for Shopware

    With this plugin you can show second product image on hover. Features Include :-

    • You can choose from over 50 different animations for second image in and out.
    • Color customization.
    • Second image will also show the icons to share product on social networks, add product to cart and open product in a compact view popup
    • An option to choose if …