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Options Explained

EnterGoogle Analytics Tracking ID as shown in below image.

Enter Your Google API Client ID. You can get one by enabling Google API for analyticshere

To enable API login to Google API Console by going to above URL.

· Create New Project.

· Click on “Library” in left menu and find/search for Analytics API and Enable it (Please select Analytics API not Analytics Reporting API Please see below image.

· Click on “Credentials” on left and click “Create Credentials => OAuth Client ID”

o Select “Web Application” as Application Type

o Give Name for client (Something for you to easily understand what this Client ID used for).

o Enter Authorized Javascript Origins (Your Shop URL including https://)

o Enter Redirect URI – IT must behttps://YOUR_SHOP_URL/backend/TCBGoogleAnalytics

o Click Create button.

o Copy your Client ID on next screen and enter in plugin options.

· Next, Go to “Domain Verification” on the same screen.

o Click on “Add Domain” button and enter your Shop_URL

To setup Tag Manager for Enhanced E-Commerce please see the documentation here.

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