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Options explained

Below are available options.

  • Show Add to Cart Button – Select yes if you would want to show add to cart button on secondary Image. If the article has variations cart button will be replaced with the link to the article button . If selected no only the link to article button will be shown.
  • Enable article information?– If selected yes the article name and review will be shown.
  • Info Background– Select secondary image information background color.
  • Info Fonts– Select information fonts color.
  • Review Stars Color– Select Review stars color.
  • Links icon color – Select icon color for link icons.
  • Links Background– Select Background color for links.
  • Cart Icon– Select Cart Icon.
  • Link to article icon– Select link to article icon
  • Compact view icon– Select Compact view icon.
  • Share icon– Select Share article on social networks Icon.
  • Enable Social Share Links?– Select if you want to enable/disable social sharing for article.
  • Social Icon Size – Enter Social Icon Size in pixels.
  • Use Brand Color for Social Icons?– If selected yes Icons will be in Brand Color of the social media network.
  • Social Icons Color– Choose color of Social Icons only applied if above option is no.
  • Enable Facebook?– Select to enable/disable respective social icon. same applies to all other networks.Email, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp will be shown only on mobile devices.
  • Facebook Icon– Add Social Icon Class.
  • Show Same Image If No Secondary Image Found?– Select if you want to show the same article image if no second image available.
  • Header Fonts Color– Modal Box Header Fonts Color.
  • Popup Header Background– Modal Box Header Background.
  • Image effect– Select animation effect for Image in/out.
  • Modal In Animation– Select animation effect for Modal In (Same for Share Article Modal).
  • Modal Out Animation– Select animation effect for Modal Out (Same for Share Article Modal).

To select the Icons class you can choose from latest FontAwesome free icons set which can be found here. Or choose Shopware Icons can be found here.

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