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Add/Edit Slides

To add or edit slide…

  • Click on Slides Tab in Slider settings window in Shopware Backend.
  • Enter the fields as below.
    • Enter Slide Title
    • Enter Slide Position (The nubmer represents the order of the slide e.g. 0,1,2,3 – This functionality is provided so that in future you can edit the slide position and change the order without deleting slides.)
    • Select the Slide Image
    • Select Slide Background Position (This value sets the background position e.g. top center, center center etc…)
    • Select Slide Background Size (Background size cover means it will try to fit proportionally, contain means that image will be shown full in slide container)
    • Select Counter Date If you would like to enable Countdown timer for this slide.
    • Selct Counter Background –You can change the background color of counter digits.
    • Select Counter Digits Color
    • Tick the checkbox Deactivate Counter Labels if you want to hide the counter labels such as days, weeks, hours etc…
    • Select Layers text color
    • Select Layers text background color
    • Select Slide In Animation
    • Select Slide Out Animation
    • Enter Slide Link – Link to the page, article if you would like to.
    • Select Link Target
    • Enter Slide Duration e.g. 5000 for 5 seconds
    • Enter Youtube Video ID if you would like to have a Youtube video.
    • Select Slide Effect

To setup layers (For Each Layer)…

  • Enter Layer Text (Please do not use too long text)
  • Enter Layer Text Size – Font size for layer text
  • Enter Layer Delay e.g. 500 will delay the layer appearance for 0.5 seconds inside the slide.
  • Select Layer In Animation
  • Select Layer Out Animation
  • Select Layer Image if you want to set the image
  • Enter Layer Top Margin
  • Enter Layer Left Margin

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