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In this section you can set Shop wide typography as follows:

To select custom fonts you can add any fonts from Google Fonts, find your favourites here.

Global Typography

  • Font family from Google Fonts
  • Body text color
  • Global Fonts Size
  • Global Buttons fonts size
  • Global label fonts size
  • Gloabl labels fonts color

Header & Navigation

  • Topbar Fonts Family
  • Topbar fonts size
  • Topbar fonts color
  • Navigation fonts family
  • Navigation fonts color
  • Navigation fonts size
  • Capitalise navigation fonts size by selecting yes.
  • Navigation active link background color
  • Navigation active link fonts color
  • Navigation hover link background color
  • Navigation hover link fonts color

Footer Section

  • Fonts family
  • fonts size
  • fonts color
  • column title color
  • column title size
  • Capitalise column title by selecting yes.

From H1 to H6 headings

  • Font family
  • Font size
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