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Listing Pages

Customise Listing/Category pages by setting up following options.

Listing options.

  • Number of column, change number of columns shown on listing pages.
  • Image height, Shopware uses image height as primary parameter to change height just enter the number value.
  • P.S. I would also advice you to change the thumbnail settings in Shopware Media Manager and change the height and regenerate thumbnails after that.
  • Enable customer reviews in frontend listing product box.
  • Activate link to Article.
  • Show product description.
  • Enable out of stock badge.
  • Select custom loader icon for listing product boxes.
  • Select hover effect for product box,
  • Select hover effect color.

Secondary Images

  • Enable/Disable Secondary Images.
  • Show same if second image not found.
  • Enable social sharing.
  • Select secondary image effect.
  • Enable add to cart on secondary image.
  • Cart Button Icon
  • Link button icon
  • Share button icon
  • Popup (article compact view) button icon
  • Link icons color
  • Popup modal (article compact view) highlight color (e.g. used for modal header background)
  • Icons size
  • Modal review stars color
  • Modal highlight fonts color (e.g. used for modal header fonts)
  • Popup (article compact view) In animation
  • Popup (article compact view) Out animation
  • Share icons popup in animation
  • Share icons popup out animation

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