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Header Section

Setup Header Options –

  • Header Style – Select your desired header style.
  • Sticky Menu – Check the box if you would like to have sticky menu, on scroll down menu stays on top of the screen.
  • Sticky Header Background – Background color for sticky header.
  • Sticky header fonts – fonts color for sticky header.
  • Advanced menu teaser – if you select this option, teaser in the advanced menu dropdown will be removed.
  • Header height – this option is only required if no topbar is shown.
  • Replace home menu item with Icon
  • Home Icon class
  • Header compare menu item icon
  • Header wishlist menu icon
  • Header search button icon
  • Mobile menu trigger icon
  • Header cart icon
  • Header service menu icon
  • Header Icons color
  • Header Icons hover color – icons color on hover.
  • Navigation background color – background color for navigation menu
  • Link Seperator – enable to show seperator between two menu items.

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