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Setup custom page loader –

  • Enable loader – Check “enable custom page loader” option to use custom page loader.
  • Page Loader default animation – Select the animation effect you would like to use as a page loader, this options apply globally.
  • Replace default shopware loader – This will replace the ajax loader icon used by shopware e.g. ajax offcanvas cart.

Global Settings.

Setup below options in Global Settings section.

  • Content width – Setup content width for widescreen layout. Splendor recommends percentage value to set width of content to make it more effectively responsive on all devices.
  • Mobile and Tablet Content width – Content width for tablets and mobile, in Percentage.
  • Content Top margin – add gap between header and content.
  • Content Bottom margin – gap between content and footer.
  • Hompage content top margin – this option is provided to avoid gap if you are using full screen layout for homepage shopping world.
  • Enable boxed layout – select this option if you would like to have a box layout.
  • Box content width – Select width of the box layout.
  • Boxed margin – gap on top and bottom of the box.Box Shadow – Box shadow for boxed layout
  • Enable blur for image
  • Blur depth – enter blur value, optimum could be 2px or 3px.
  • Background image for boxed layout.
  • Background image everywhere – if you do not select this option, background image will only be used for homepage.
  • Background color for boxed layout – in case if you do not want background image everywhere, background color for the boxed layout outer will be used.
  • Cookie consent – Enable custom cookie consent.
  • Cookie expire time – setup resetting browser cookie time in days.
  • Cookie window background – background color for cookie window
  • Cockie window text color – text color for cookie window.
  • Cookie position – select either top or bottom position for cookie window.
  • AGB Link – link to your Privacy Policy or AGB Page to show in cookie consent window.
  • Enable scroll to top – select to show scroll to top button.
  • Scroll to top icon – Select FontAwesome 5 icon for scroll to top button.
  • Icon background – Scroll to top Icon background
  • Icon color – Scroll to top icon color.


Setup below options in Integrations section.

  • Facebook App ID – Setup your facebook app ID here, it will be require if you want to show facebook wall in footer.
  • Google Maps API key – Reuqired for Google Maps to work.
  • Facebook page link – Link to your Facebook Page.
  • Twitter account link – Link to your Twitter account.
  • Instagram account link – link to your Instagram account.
  • Whatsapp Number – your whatsapp number if you would like to use whatsapp widget in footer.
  • Google Plus account link – Link to your Google plus account.
  • Pinterest account link – Link to your Pinterest account.

Popup Section

  • Enable popup – Enable global popup, Used for promotion or newsletter subscription.
  • Popup to show again – Enter number value in days, so Splendor will setup browser cookie and will not show popup to the user until the cookie is expired.
  • Popup Icon – This icon is used for Newsletter only.
  • Is newsletter? – if selected the newsletter popup will be shown
  • Popup content – enter custom content for popup. HTML allowed.

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