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Footer Section

Footer Global Settings –

  • Full width – check if you want a full width footer layout.
  • Footer Background color – select background color for footer.
  • Minimal footer background – select background color for minimal footer (Newsletter section)

Footer Informational Row – This is first inner row of footer that displays four buttons with icons and text.

Eventhough the options state specific button names you can use the buttons for any purpose.

Options –

  • Enable informational row.
  • Row buttons background – select background color for button in this row.
  • Buttons fonts color – Select fonts color for buttons..
  • For all buttons you can setup below options
    • Shipping Icon – add icon class for shipping button
    • Shipping text – add text for shipping button
    • Shipping link – Add link for shipping button

Company Information –

  • Company infomration is the first column in footer, you can change the text in this column under snippets management in Shopware backend.
  • Upload a logo to show in footer company information column.

Payment and Shipping Icons

  • Select icon theme.
  • For each payment and shipping method available
    • Enable/Disable method
    • upload custom icon for the same.

Social Networks Column

  • Select if you want to enable/disable link to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) profile.
  • Select Icon color – Not required with white, dark themes.
  • Enable/Disable facebook wall.
  • Enter facebook wall height.


  • Enter Newsletter icon

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