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Advanced Tab

In advanced tab you can setup many features which are usefully globally in your Shop.

  • Add inline CSS for shopwide. This is output in frontend header.
  • Add inline JavaScript, will be output in frontend footer
  • Tracking code – not required if you add Google Analytics Tracking ID
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID – Your tracking code from Google Analytics
  • Enable USER ID – By selecting this option you can automatically Setup Universal Analytics as well as Tag Manager.

Facebook Pixel

  • Pixel Id – enter your pixel id
  • Enable view content event.
  • Enable purchase event is triggered when the article is purchase on your shop checkout finish page.
  • Generate Facebook pixel lead by select Enable lead.
  • Enable complete registration to track when user finishes registration process.
  • Enable add payment info to track when user adds billing address etc…
  • Enable add to cart to track the even when user adds an article to cart
  • Enable add to wishlist – triggered when user adds an article to wishlist
  • Enable search tracking – will enable users search activity in the shop,
  • Enable initiate checkout when user proceeds to checkout,
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