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Splendor Options for Category

You will find this options while adding/editing Category in backend.

You will be able to setup following options :

  • Enable/Disable custom teaser (currently only offered with image left and content right layout).
  • Teaser Image
  • Tease Coutner – if selected shown under image
  • Content – You can also add HTML content here.
  • content text color
  • add button text if you want to have a button in teaser
  • button effect – select button effect.
  • Button effect color – hover overlay color for button
  • button link – link to any internal or external page from button
  • link target – open link in same or new window.
  • button background color
  • button fonts color
  • description in page bottom – select this field if you want to show the category default description in bottom of the page.
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