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Options explained

The first four options are for setting up TheCodeBunny style advanced menu for each category and explained here

  • Select enable custom teaser to active custom teaser.
  • Select category teaser background.
  • Select category teaser image, shown on the left.
  • Select counter if you want to show specific teaser counter, shown under image.
  • Enter teaser content. Also used for advanced menu teaser, on listing page it shown on the right in teaser container.
  • Enter text color.
  • select button text if you want to add a button in the teaser, shown below content.
  • Select button hover effect color.
  • Enter link to the page for button
  • Select button background color
  • Select button text color
  • Select the checkbox if you would like to move standard category description from Shopware CMS functions options at the bottom of the page.
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